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Sprint Retrospectives Made Easy

Say goodbye to mundane and unproductive retrospectives. Kollabe brings a fresh perspective to your sprint retrospectives. It's all about making these sessions as engaging and insightful as they should be. With our user-friendly interface, your team can dive right into effective collaboration and come up with actionable insights.
Free online sprint retrospective tool. Team members are leaving cards on the board.

Collaborate With Your Team

Make team collaboration a breeze with our sprint retrospective app. It's all about connecting ideas and people effortlessly. Share thoughts, spark discussions, and reach decisions together. Our platform is designed for everyone to chip in easily, making sure every team member feels heard and valued. Get ready for smoother, more engaging team retrospectives.
A user selecting an avatar in a online sprint retrospective. They select an avatar and then join the room.

Communicate Effectively as a Team

Increase your teams communication in retrospectives with our expressive retrospective app. Players can Add cards to columns for organized discussions, comment on cards for in-depth conversations, and use gifs or reactions to quickly express opinions. Kollabe is all about making team interactions efficient and effective.
A sprint retrospective room with a card highlighted. It has comments and emojis on it where users are communicating with each other.

Customize Your Retrospective

We know that every team is different. That's why we've made it easy for you to customize your retrospective to fit your needs. Choose from a variety of templates, create your own, or start from scratch. You can also customize your cards, add emojis, and more. It's all about making your retrospective as effective as possible.
Editing the settings in a sprint retrospective. They have a lot of options as buttons, like disabling emojis, gifs, or comments.

Take Action

The best part of a retrospective is taking action. With Kollabe, you can easily create action items and assign them to team members. Action items are a great way to keep your team accountable and make sure that everyone is on the same page, ensuring that the work gets done.
A sprint retrospective with action items. The action items are assigned to users.

Start with an Ice Breaker

Start your retrospective with a fun ice breaker to get everyone in the right mindset. Our ice breaker tool is designed to help your team relax and open up, making it easier to share thoughts and ideas. With our ice breaker tool, you can easily create and share fun questions, and get everyone in the right mindset for a productive retrospective.
Online ice breaker tool. Remote ice breaker tool for remote teams.

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

Get a better understanding of your team's feelings and opinions with our quick and easy polls. Create polls for your team to vote on, and then view the results in real time. Polls are a great way to get a quick pulse on your team, and make sure that everyone is on the same page.
A sprint retrospective room with two different polls, full of answers from users. One of the retro polls is for how are you feeling, and the other is about the sprint objectives. Create Polls inside of your sprint retrospective.

Present Your Results

Start presenting your teams results at any time! With our presentation mode, you can easily take control of the room and everyone will see what you see! While presenting, everyone will be looking at the same card, which makes it easier to comment, vote and discuss!
A sprint retrospective with a green border around the screen, showing that a user is presenting. The users can see the same card and are voting on it.

Team Spaces

A teams Space for Planning Poker

A Space for your Team

Spaces are a way for you to manage all of your sessions for your organisation or team. You can create a space, invite your team, and then create rooms for your planning poker and sprint retrospective sessions. With spaces, your tags, teams, and permissions are shared across all of your rooms. This makes it easier to manage your sessions, and keep everything in sync. Gather better insights for your teams, and improve your experience with Spaces.

Sprint Retrospectives on the go!

Join your team on the go, with our mobile-first experience
Our mobile-friendly experience allows you to join your sprint retrospective sessions from anywhere. No need to download another app, just open the link and start playing.
* Batteries not included.

Our Awesome Features

We offer a wide range of features to make your sprint retrospective experience as smooth as possible. We are always adding new features, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know!
Free Forever

You should never have to pay to plan. Enjoy all of our features for free, with zero ads.

Invite the Whole Team

Our large team feature allows you to invite up to 500 users in a single room.

Action Items

Create action items and assign them to team members. Keep your team accountable and on the same page.

Game History

Create a room and use it forever. View your game history and statistics.

Secure Rooms

With features like password protection and anonymous voting, your room is always secure.

User Management

Promote users to admin and add users into teams for better analytics.

Export and Archive

Export your retrospectives in many different formats, and archive your retrospectives once completed.

Interactive Board

Add cards, vote, comment, and more in real time. Our interactive board makes it easy to collaborate.

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps

1. Create A Room

Create a Retrospective room for your team, with custom columns and personalized settings.

2. Invite Your Team

Quickly and easily invite your entire team to the room with a shareable link. No sign up required.

3. Start Collaborating

Create cards and start collaborating! Once your team is done, explore the results.

Product Pricing

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Custom Columns

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Unlimited Columns

Action Items

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