Asynchronous Planning Poker with Kollabe

Asynchronous Planning Poker Session

Kollabe allows an asynchronous mode for your Planning Poker sessions, allowing Agile teams to collaborate on task estimation even when their schedules don't align. This flexibility is a game-changer, enabling remote and distributed teams to unlock the benefits of Planning Poker without the need for more meetings.

How Async Planning Poker Works in Kollabe

With Kollabe's asynchronous planning poker, the Scrum master can input or import all the tickets beforehand, and then share a unique link with their team. The team can then go through the tickets at their own pace, casting their votes and leaving comments as needed.

The Scrum master can monitor the progress of the session, see the team's votes, and respond to any questions or comments left in the chat. This asynchronous approach ensures that everyone has the opportunity to contribute their insights, even if they can't all be present at the same time.

For a well oiled team, it can be as simple as that. Reveal the votes and record the story point value. If there is a huge difference in votes, just start a discussion in your favourite communication channel. No need for another meeting.

The Benefits of Async Planning Poker

1. Accommodate Diverse Schedules

In today's increasingly remote and distributed work environments, synchronizing schedules can be a significant challenge. Async Planning Poker with Kollabe eliminates this barrier, allowing team members to participate in the estimation process on their own time.

2. Encourage Thoughtful Participation

When team members can take the time to carefully consider each task and cast their votes, the quality of the estimates and the overall discussion tends to improve. Async mode fosters a more contemplative approach, leading to more accurate and well-informed decisions.

3. Enhance Remote Collaboration

For teams spread across different locations or time zones, Kollabe's async Planning Poker sessions provide a seamless way to collaborate on task estimation, regardless of physical distance or availability.

4. Maintain Flexibility

The asynchronous nature of Kollabe's Planning Poker tool gives Scrum masters and team leaders the flexibility to adapt the estimation process to their unique needs, whether it's accommodating team member schedules or adjusting the session timeline.

Leverage Kollabe's Async Planning Poker Features

Kollabe's asynchronous Planning Poker mode includes several features to ensure a smooth and effective remote estimation process:

Planning Poker ticketPlanning Poker ticket

  • Ticket Management: Easily add, edit, and organize the tasks or user stories that need to be estimated.
  • Voting and Comments: Team members can cast their votes and leave comments on each ticket, fostering open communication.
  • Progress Tracking: The Scrum master can monitor the team's participation and engagement, ensuring the session stays on track.
  • Intuitive Filtering: Team members can filter tickets by tags or status, making it easier to navigate the estimation process.

How to create an Asynchronous Planning Poker Meeting

Creating an asynchronous planning poker meeting on Kollabe could not be any easier. Just follow these three steps.

  1. Create a Meeting: Creating a new meeting only takes a few seconds. You only need a meeting name and a voting scale. You can create a planning poker meeting here.
  2. Create tickets: In order to get started, your team will need something to estimate. Kollabe offers several options for importing your tickets like a CSV import, Jira integration, or by manually entering them.
  3. Enable the Asynchronous Setting: Now that you are all set, you just need to enable Asynchronous voting in the game options. You can turn this on and off whenever you would like. Enabling Asynchronous voting will allow everyone to see and navigate all of the tickets.

Asynchronous Planning Poker SettingAsynchronous Planning Poker Setting

Take Your Agile Estimation to the Next Level with Kollabe

Whether your team is co-located or distributed, Kollabe's asynchronous Planning Poker mode provides the flexibility and tools you need to facilitate effective task estimation, even when schedules don't align.

Unlock the benefits of improved collaboration, enhanced remote work capabilities, and more accurate estimates by exploring Kollabe's asynchronous Planning Poker features today. Take the first step towards streamlining your Agile project management and delivering exceptional software solutions.


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