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Hey there! I'm Matt lewandowski, the solo developer behind Kollabe. Kollabe is a free platform that re-thinks the way agile teams collaborate and run their meetings. Kollabe has a suite of tools for agile teams, including planning poker and retrospectives.

Kollabe was created in May 2023, when I embarked on a journey to create a better planning poker tool, driven by my frustration with existing ad-ridden and buggy options. What started as a side project called PlanninPoker quickly evolved into a passion project called Kollabe.

The Evolution of Kollabe 🌱 → 🌿

By the end of 2023, I had transformed PlanninPoker into a feature-rich planning poker app that exceeded it's competitors. However, my drive to innovate pushed me to expand the platform further.

Rebranded as Kollabe, the application now supports teams, planning poker, and retrospectives. Kollabe now provides agile teams with a comprehensive solution for their meeting needs.

I am constantly evolving Kollabe to meet the demands of agile teams and provide them with a seamless and engaging experience.

You can watch how Kollabe evolves on the change log page. I've been posting updates there since the beginning of the project, and I'm excited to continue sharing the progress with you.

Kollabe Evolving

A Fun and Engaging Experience 🎉

The worst part about routine agile meetings is how monotonous they can be. That's why Kollabe goes beyond the typical features found in agile meeting tools. It incorporates:

  • 😂 GIFs & emojis for added humor
  • 📸 Image uploads for visual communication and sharing
  • 💬 Comments for seamless communication
  • 🧊 Icebreakers to break the monotony
  • 🎊 Confetti of emojis to celebrate successes

My goal is to make Kollabe the most engaging and fun platform for agile teams. One GIF at a time!

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Free and User-Centric 🆓

One of Kollabe's key advantages is its commitment to being 100% free, in contrast to the expensive alternatives in the market. I firmly believe that every agile team should have access to high-quality tools without breaking the bank.

As the sole developer, I pour my heart into every interaction, striving to create a seamless and delightful user experience. I understand that the success of Kollabe relies on the satisfaction and happiness of its users.

I prioritize feature requests, taking the time to understand users' pain points and incorporating their feedback into the platform's development. Your voice matters to me, and I am committed to continuously improving Kollabe based on your needs and suggestions.

Kollabe's user-centric approach extends beyond just listening to feedback. I actively engage with the community, participating in discussions, and seeking out insights to help me shape the future of the platform. I believe in the power of collaboration and value the input of every user in making Kollabe the best it can be.

The Reward of Making a Difference ❤️

The most gratifying aspect of my journey with Kollabe is witnessing the positive impact it has on users from around the world. The joy of seeing agile teams come together, collaborate effectively, and have fun during their meetings is incredibly rewarding. I love hearing about this through:

  • 📝 Getting thoughtful feedback from users
  • 🔗 Being tagged on LinkedIn or other social media platforms
  • ☕ Receiving donations through "buy me a coffee"

Knowing that Kollabe is making a difference in the way agile teams collaborate and work together is what drives me to keep improving and expanding the platform.

If you have a story about how Kollabe has helped your team or if you have suggestions for how I can make it even better, please don't hesitate to reach out. Your stories and feedback inspire me to continue this journey and make Kollabe the best it can be.

The Future of Kollabe 🔮

My vision for Kollabe is to continue developing it as a free application that surpasses the capabilities of paid alternatives.

I want to keep iterating on Kollabe's retrospective meetings. I've been getting a lot of feedback on how to improve the experience, and I'm excited to implement these changes.

I'm also planning to add more features to the platform, to make it a more well-rounded agile platform, like a place for async daily standups, sprint planning and more.

Join me on this exciting journey as we fix the way agile teams collaborate and have fun! If you want to follow Kollabe's progress or get in touch, check us out in Reddit or LinkedIn! I post updates, share stories, and engage with the community there.

The Future of Kollabe


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Kollabe is a free platform for Agile teams to run planning poker and retrospectives meetings. If you like our work, please consider supporting us by buying us a coffee. Thank you!