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Simplify Your Estimation Process
Reduce complexity, streamlines team communication, and improves the accuracy of your project planning. We aims to help you simplify your estimation process by providing a simple, easy to use, and intuitive planning poker tool to help you and your team estimate your projects more accurately and efficiently.
A gif of a free online scrum planning session. The cards are flipped and all of the votes are revealed.


Collaborate Effectively With Your Team
Help improve the accuracy of estimates, reduce bias, and facilitate collaboration among team members, leading to better project outcomes during your planning poker sessions. We allow your team members to easily join and contribute to planning sessions from anywhere, within seconds.
A gif of a user joining a free online scrum planning session. They enter in their name, select an avatar, join and quickly vote on the current topic.


Quickly Communicate
Communicate with your team in real-time. We have a built-in chat feature that allows you to communicate with your team members. The comments feature allows you to leave comments on the current ticket, ensuring you only see the comments that are relevant to the current planning poker topic.
A gif of users leaving comments on the current rounds ticket for an online scrum planning session. Each team member leaves and comment and then the round is revealed.


Settings That Fit Your Needs
We have several game settings to really make each room your own. Including the ability to customize your scales, allowing other users to control the room, and fully anonymous voting.
A gif of a anonymous online scrum planning session. Each user votes and the results are revealed, showing the statistics of the votes, but not who voted what.


Streamline Your Project Management
Quickly and easily create and manage your tickets in game. Our CSV import feature allows you to import your tickets from Jira, Trello, Github, and more. Update the status, order, and estimate of your tickets in game and then easily export them when you are done.
A gif of a user importing tickets from a csv into their online scrum planning session. They select the csv file, map the columns, and then import the tickets. Once the tickets are imported they select a ticket to start voting on.

Jira Integration

A Seamless Jira Integration
Elevate your planning poker sessions with our Jira integration! You effortlessly import your tickets from Jira, and have the results automatically synced back!. Setup our integration with just a few clicks, and then you can use our advanced search to find and import your tickets. We know know how painful it can be to manually update your tickets while planning, so we made it easy for you!
Scrum planning analytics


Learn about your session
We have Analytics at every level! View how your team is voting for each ticket, each session, or for all of your sessions inside of a Space! We provide you with the tools to help you understand your teams estimates, and improve your planning sessions, with detailed analytics.
Scrum planning analytics

Team Spaces

A teams Space for Planning Poker

A Space for your Team

Spaces are a way for you to manage all of your sessions for your organisation or team. You can create a space, invite your team, and then create rooms for your planning poker and sprint retrospective sessions. With spaces, your tags, teams, and permissions are shared across all of your rooms. This makes it easier to manage your sessions, and keep everything in sync. Gather better insights for your teams, and improve your experience with Spaces.

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Join the Game on the Go, with Our Mobile-Friendly Experience.
Our mobile-friendly experience allows you to join your planning sessions from anywhere. No need to download another app, just open the link and start playing.
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Our Awesome Features

We offer a wide range of features to make your planning poker experience as smooth as possible. We are always adding new features, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know!

Free Forever

You should never have to pay to plan. Enjoy all of our features for free, with zero ads.

Invite the Whole Team

Our large team feature allows you to invite up to 500 users in a single room.

Jira Integration

Why manually update your tickets? Import your tickets from Jira, and have the results automatically synced back!

Game History

Create a room and use it forever. View your game history and statistics.

Secure Rooms

With features like password protection and anonymous voting, your room is always secure.

User Management

Promote users to admin and add users into teams for better analytics.

Asynchronous Voting

Create rounds and let users vote on their own time, and see the results in real time.

Detailed Tickets

Create or import detailed tickets for your team to vote on.

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps

1. Create A Room

Create a planning poker room for your team, with custom cards and personalized settings.

2. Invite Your Team

Quickly and easily invite your entire team to the room with a shareable link. No sign up required.

3. Start Voting

Create tickets and cast votes! Once your team is done, explore the results.

Product Pricing

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Advanced Analytics

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