Embrace the Power of Async Planning Poker with Kollabe

Asynchronous Planning Poker Session

In today's fast-paced, distributed work environment, Agile teams face the challenge of collaborating effectively across different time zones and schedules. Kollabe's async Planning Poker feature offers a game-changing solution, enabling teams to estimate tasks and user stories without the need for synchronous meetings. Embrace the flexibility and efficiency of async Planning Poker and take your Agile process to new heights.

The Async Planning Poker Flow in Kollabe

Kollabe's async planning poker feature streamlines the estimation process, making it easy for Scrum masters to set up and manage sessions. To begin, the Scrum master inputs or imports the tickets into the system and shares a unique session link with the team. Team members can then access the session at their convenience, reviewing the tickets, casting their votes, and leaving comments to share their insights.

Throughout the async session, the Scrum master can track the team's progress, review votes, and address any questions or concerns raised in the chat. This approach ensures that everyone has the opportunity to contribute their expertise, regardless of their availability for a live meeting.

For experienced teams, the async process can be remarkably efficient. Once all votes are in, the Scrum master can reveal the results and record the story point values. If there are significant discrepancies in the votes, the team can initiate a discussion in their preferred communication channel, without the need for another meeting.

Unlocking the Advantages of Async Planning Poker

1. Flexibility for Diverse Teams

Async Planning Poker with Kollabe removes the barriers posed by varying schedules and time zones, empowering team members to engage in the estimation process at their own pace.

2. Promoting Thoughtful Contributions

By allowing team members to carefully consider each task and cast their votes without time pressure, async mode encourages more thorough and accurate estimations.

3. Seamless Remote Collaboration

Kollabe's async Planning Poker tool enables teams to collaborate effectively on task estimation, regardless of physical distance or scheduling conflicts.

4. Adaptable to Team Needs

The async nature of Kollabe's Planning Poker allows Scrum masters to tailor the estimation process to their team's unique requirements, ensuring a smooth and productive experience.

Explore Kollabe's Async Planning Poker Capabilities

Kollabe's async Planning Poker mode offers a range of features designed to facilitate an efficient and effective remote estimation process:

Planning Poker ticketPlanning Poker ticket

  • Streamlined Ticket Management: Effortlessly create, edit, and organize the tasks or user stories requiring estimation.
  • Collaborative Voting and Feedback: Team members can vote on tickets and provide valuable comments, fostering open communication and knowledge sharing.
  • Real-time Progress Monitoring: Scrum masters can track the team's participation and engagement throughout the async session, ensuring a smooth and timely process.
  • Effortless Ticket Navigation: Intuitive filtering options allow team members to quickly locate and focus on relevant tickets, streamlining the estimation experience.

Setting Up an Async Planning Poker Meeting on Kollabe

Kollabe makes it simple to create and manage async planning poker meetings. Follow these three steps to get started:

  1. Initiate a Meeting: In just a few clicks, create a new meeting by providing a name and selecting a voting scale. Start creating your async planning poker meeting now.
  2. Add Tickets: Ensure your team has a clear estimation agenda by importing tickets via CSV, integrating with Jira, or manually entering them into Kollabe.
  3. Activate Async Voting: Navigate to the game options and enable the Asynchronous voting setting. This allows your team to access and estimate all tickets at their own pace. You can easily switch between synchronous and async modes as needed.

Async Planning Poker SettingAsync Planning Poker Setting

Revolutionize Your Agile Estimation with Kollabe's Async Planning Poker

Kollabe's async Planning Poker mode empowers Agile teams to collaborate effectively on task estimation, regardless of location or schedule. By leveraging the flexibility and efficiency of async estimation, you can foster improved collaboration, enhance remote work capabilities, and drive more accurate estimates.

Take the first step towards optimizing your Agile project management and delivering outstanding software solutions by exploring Kollabe's async Planning Poker features today. Unlock the potential of your team and revolutionize your estimation process with Kollabe.


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