Change Log

What is being worked on?

The Kollabe change log is a place where you can see what has been released recently. This application is still activity being developed and changes are made often. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let us know. There is a feedback button on the user menu, in the top right corner of the screen.
a gif showing an asynchronous planning poker room in action

The Latest Changes to Kollabe

Improved Visibility & Presentations - 16 June 2024

More small but impactful improvements. When visibility is off, items now show placeholders with a crossed-eye icon instead of being filtered out. This keeps the board looking active and engaging even before items are revealed. Presentations no longer lock the entire board. Users get a notification to follow along if they choose, and the focused card is highlighted with a green border. Full-screen presentation is still available by clicking "Follow presentation." This allows for more flexibility and interaction during meetings

Guided Retrospectives - 25 May 2024

Kollabe now supports Guided Retrospectives! We have added a workflow builder to our retrospectives, which allows you to create a custom workflow to guide your team through the retrospective. This is a great way to keep your retrospectives on track and ensure that you cover all of the important topics! Simply enable the Workflow from inside of your retrospective in order to start using guided retrospectives. You can add as many steps as you like, fully customizing the workflow to suit your team. We hope you enjoy this new feature and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

Icebreakers - 25 May 2024

Looking for a fun way to kick off your next meeting? We have added a nice Icebreaker feature to Kollabe! Our super simple icebreaker feature is a great way for anyone to start a meeting with a fun and engaging activity. No setup required, simply navigate to our Icebreaker page, and find a question that you like! Our Icebreaker tool has over 600 base questions to choose from, in 6 different languages! We also have an AI question generator if you are looking for something a little more unique. We hope you enjoy this new feature and we look forward to hearing your feedback!Learn More

Space Polls - 22 May 2024

Creating polls for your team is a great way to gather feedback and make decisions. We know a lot of teams use the same polls for each meeting. Previously, you would have to recreate the poll each time. Now you can create a poll from your space, and it will be available as a template in all of your meetings! Not only can you create polls from your space, but you can also use AI to help you. When creating a poll, if you need a little bit of creative inspiration, you can click the generate with AI button, and we will create a poll for you!

Themed Retros & Backgrounds - 05 May 2024

Tired of the same old boring retrospectives? We've got you covered! We have added the ability to create themed retrospectives, and change the background to an image or color of your choice! Themed retrospectives are a great way to keep your team engaged and make your retrospectives more fun! We have added 30 different themes to choose from, so you can find the perfect theme for your team! Adding a colored or image background to your retrospective can help set the mood! We hope you enjoy this new feature and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

Meeting Music - 23 April 2024

We have added the ability to play music during your Retrospective meetings! We were tired of the award silence during our meetings, so we decided to add some music to the mix! Trying to play music over zoom or another video meeting tool can be a pain, and often a waste of time. With our new music feature, you can select a playlist, and the music will play for everyone in the meeting! Set the mood for your meeting, and keep your team engaged with our new music feature! We hope you enjoy this new feature and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

Menu Redesign - 03 April 2024

As our planning poker and sprint retrospective platform has grown, our old tab-based navigation became cluttered and cumbersome. It made it difficult not only for users to find what they needed, but also for our team to determine where to integrated new capabilities. The unconventional design was holding us back. This is why we are excited to announce our new menu redesign! We have restructured our navigation to make it easier for you to find what you need, when you need it!

Planning Poker Comments - 03 April 2024

You can now leave comments, feedback, suggestions, questions, and more on your tickets during your Planning Poker sessions! This is a great way to communicate with your team and provide additional context for your estimates! We know that every team has a different workflow, and our goal is to support as many of those workflows as possible, while keeping the experience simple and intuitive. Whether your team is in the same room, or around the world, we hope that this feature helps your team communicate and collaborate more effectively!

Image Upload - 10 March 2024

You can now upload images to your chats and to your Sprint Retrospectives! This is a great way to share screenshots, diagrams, and other images with your team! We know that a picture is worth a thousand words, so we have made it easy to upload and view images in Kollabe! Simply clicking on an uploaded image will open it in full screen, so you can get a better look! To upload an image, simply click the upload button in the chat or in the retrospective. Once you have uploaded an image, it will be displayed in the chat or retrospective for everyone to see!

Team Chat - 09 March 2024

Communication is key to any successful team. Which is why we are introducing a chat feature to all of your teams Spaces, Retrospectives, and Planning Poker sessions! You will now notice a chat icon in all of your meetings and Spaces! This will open a real-time chat that you and your team can use to share links, ideas, ask questions, and more! The messages are saved and can be viewed at any time, so you can always go back and see what was discussed! We hope this feature helps your team communicate and collaborate more effectively!

Duplicate Retrospectives - 2 March 2024

We have added the ability to quickly and easily duplicate your sprint retrospectives! This means that all of your meetings settings, polls, and columns will be copied to your new retrospective! Since releasing our polls feature, we have received a lot of feedback that users loved being able to create polls, but hated re-creating them between meetings. Now you can copy your meeting room, and all of your polls will be copied over! You can copy your retrospectives from within your space, your dashboard, or when creating a brand new retro meeting. We hope this encourages you to find a template that really works for your team, that you can use over and over!

Input Emoji Selector - 26 January 2024

We have added a new emoji selector to all of our inputs! This is a great way to quickly add emojis to your planning, retros, comments, action items and more! If you are familiar with Slack, you will feel right at home! To use the emoji selector, simply type a colon and start typing the name of the emoji you want to use. For example, you can type :cat, :smile, :thumbs_up to start searching for an emoji! Once you have found the emoji you want to use, hit enter or click on it and it will be added to your input!

Action Items Dashboard - 22 January 2024

Tired of losing your action items? We've got you covered! All Actions Items created from your teams space, will now show up in the Actions tab! You can now easily manage all of your action items from one place. You can filter your action items by assignee and by the room it was created it. This makes it easy to quickly go over your action items from your last meeting with your team! Have updates to make? Make them directly on the board and anyone else watching will get live updates!

New Dashboard - 20 January 2024

Planing poker and sprint retrospective dashboard. Agile meetings dashboard
Everyone now has access to the new Dashboard! Previously, your spaces and previous rooms were spread across multiple pages, making it difficult to navigate. Our new Dashboard brings everything together in one place, making it easier to manage your spaces and meetings! It's not just the Dashboard though. Now that we have a central place for all of your spaces and meetings, we can start to add more features! For instance, you can now book mark your favourite meetings from your dashboard! We will continue to expand the Dashboard in the future, so stay tuned and let us know if you have any suggestions!Learn More

Ice Breakers - 07 January 2024

We have added the ability to play ice breakers with your team! Ice breakers are a great way to get to know your team and build rapport. We believe it's important to get everyone engaged during your meetings, and ice breakers are a great way to do that. You can create an ice breaker from inside of a Retrospective. Once you create an Ice Breaker, everyone in your team can open it up and leave their answer. Once everyone has answered you can start revealing the responses. The responses are revealed at random, but you can always click a user to view their answer first! We hope that you enjoy this new feature and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

Planning Poker Demo - 26 January 2024

Planning Poker demo room. A room of fake users playing Planning Poker.
Want to try out Planning Poker, but don't have a team to play with? We've got you covered! We have added a demo room, where you can try out Planning Poker with a room full of fake users. This is a great way to try out Planning Poker and get a feel for how it works. You can also use the demo room to test out new features. You can try the new demo room by clicking 'Try Demo' from the home page. We hope that you enjoy this new feature and we look forward to hearing your feedback!Learn More

Fully Customized Avatars - 20 January 2024

Fully customizable planning poker avatar. The user is customizing their avatar.
We have added the ability to fully customize your avatar! You can now customize your avatar with a variety of different options, including hair, skin tone, clothing, glasses, and more! Either start from scratch, or customize one of the random avatars. Once you have customized your avatar, you will be able to easily come back and make small changes without starting over! We have had a lot of feedback from users that want to be able to customize their avatar. We know that everyone is unique and we want to give you the ability to express yourself in the way that you want. We hope that you enjoy this new feature and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

Automatic Round Reveal - 09 January 2024

Kollabe planning poker game auto revealing after everyone has voted
We have added a new planning poker setting, Auto Reveal! When auto reveal is enabled, the rounds votes will automatically be revealed once everyone has voted. This is a great way to speed up your planning poker sessions and keep when jumping between screens. In order for auto reveal to work, all users must have voted, and an admin must be present. If you don't plan on voting, you can always set yourself as an observer to get auto reveal to work. Hope you enjoy this new feature!

Rebranded to Kollabe! - 01 January 2024

Kollabe logo with the tagline, Discover the power of Kollabe.
We have rebranded to Kollabe! We have ambitious plans for the future of the platform and we wanted a name that better reflected our vision. Plannin Poker served us well when we were just a tool for planning poker, but we want to be more than that. We want to be a tool that helps your team plan, reflect, and improve. Kollabe is a play on the word collaborate. We want to help your team collaborate and work together to plan, reflect, and improve. We hope that you enjoy the new name and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

Retrospective Polls / Surveys - 17 December 2023

Sprint retrospective polls. The user is creating a poll for the retrospective.
We have added the ability to create polls for your Sprint Retrospectives! Polls are a great way to gather feedback from your team and identify areas for improvement. They can also be a lot of fun and help to build team morale! Polls can be created from inside of a Sprint Retrospective. You can create a poll by clicking on the 'Create Poll' button. Once you have created a poll, you can add questions and options. There are also a number of default polls that you can use to get started quickly. Remember to have fun with your polls! You can create polls for anything you want, so get creative and have fun with it!

Sprint Retrospectives - 20 November 2023

Sprint retrospective web application.
We have added the ability to create Sprint Retrospectives! Sprint Retrospectives are a great way for your team to reflect on the previous sprint and identify areas for improvement. They can also be a lot of fun and help to build team morale! At the time of this post, Sprint Retrospectives are only available from inside of a teams space. As we continue to develop this feature, we will be adding the ability to create Sprint Retrospectives without a space. Kollabe started out as a tool for planning poker, but we want to be more than that. We want to be a tool that helps your team plan, reflect, and improve. We hope that you enjoy this new feature and we look forward to hearing your feedback! Keep an eye out for more updates in the future!

Duplicate Planning Poker Sessions - 04 November 2023

Copying a planning poker room. Duplicating a planning poker room cards and settings.
Tired of setting up all of your planning poker sessions from scratch? We've got you covered! You can now copy your planning poker rooms, including all of the cards and settings. You can now copy your sessions from within your previous games, inside of your teams space, or while creating a new game! We want to make it as easy as possible to get your planning poker sessions up and running, so you can focus on what matters most: planning! When you copy a room, you will be creating a new game, with all of the cards, settings, and tags from the copied room. If you want teams to copy over, I recommend setting up a space for your team.

Voting Scale Labels - 08 October 2023

Planning Poker, or Scrum Poker voting scale labels. Each card has a label to describe it
Can't remember the difference between a Medium and a Large? We've got your back! We have added the ability to add labels to your voting scale, letting you define what each card means to your team. When creating or editing your cards, you'll now see a button to add labels to each option. Once you've added your labels, users will see them when hovering over the options. If you don't add any labels, the cards will be displayed as normal. Labels are a great way to ensure that everyone is on the same page when voting, and can help to reduce confusion and improve the accuracy of your estimations.

Jira Integration! - 24 September 2023

Planning poker jira integration. Scrum planning jira integration. Importing tickets from jira.
We have added the ability to import tickets from Jira! This is a great way to quickly get your tickets into a planning poker session. You can import tickets from a Jira board, or from a CSV file. Once you have setup the Jira integration, you can easily search and import your tickets into your planning pokers sessions. While the integration is still active, your tickets will be automatically updated with the winning vote from each round! Jira has a really powerful searching language called JQL that allows you to search for tickets in many different ways. We have added a JQL search bar, so you can easily search for the tickets you want to import.Learn More

Enhanced Analytics - 15 September 2023

Planning Poker analytics. The user is viewing the analytics for the planning poker session.
Who doesn't love a good bar chart? We certainly do, and we've just made your planning poker experience even better with our latest update: Enhanced Analytics! Why analytics though? The power of data-driven decision-making is undeniable, and it's now at your fingertips within your planning poker sessions. With our new analytics feature, you can take a closer look at how your team is estimating tasks and gain a deeper understanding of how your planning sessions are progressing. To view the analytics for a room, click on the analytics icon in the main room menu. This will open a modal, where you can view the analytics for the room. You can also download the analytics as a CSV file, by clicking on the download icon.

Team Spaces! - 08 August 2023

Planning Poker spaces are for organisations or large teams to manage multiple planning sessions.
This is a big one! We have added the ability to create spaces. Spaces are a way for you to manage multiple planning sessions, for your organisation or team. You can create a space, invite your team, and then create rooms for your planning sessions. With spaces, your tags, teams, and permissions are shared across all of your rooms. This makes it easier to manage your planning sessions, and keep everything organized. Create as many Spaces as you would like! Create a Space for your team health checks, planning sessions, or anything else you can think of! We plan on adding in analytics and more features to Spaces in the future, so stay tuned!Learn More

Adding Tags to Tickets - 16 August 2023

Planning poker ticket tagging system
With the latest update, you can now create and add custom tags for your tickets, making your sessions more organized then ever. To add a tag, simply click on the add tag icon after creating a ticket and select the tag you want to add. You can also create a new tag by clicking on the 'Manage Tags' button. To remove a tag, click on the tag icon and click on the tag you want to remove. This is just the beginning for tags. We plan to add more support very soon, like filtering, searching, and analytics. Get started with tags today!

CSV Download - 12 August 2023

Planning poker csv export
Want to download the data from your planning session? Now you can! With this update, you can now download all of your tickets and their data into a CSV file. There are two ways to download your tickets, either by clicking the download icon, in the options menu, when in a room. Or by clicking the download icon when viewing your previous games. We hope this feature helps you get the most out of your planning sessions. If you have any feedback, or suggestions for the csv export, please let us know with the feedback button on the top right!

Add Support for 5 Languages - 22 July 2023

Planning poker language select with English, Spanish, French, Hindi, and Portuguese options
You can now use Kollabe in 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, Hindi, or Portuguese! Invite your team to play a game in their native language! To change your language, open the user icon on the top right hand corner of the screen and select 'change language'. Once your language has been set, it will automatically be remembered and used every time! There are many languages that we would like to support, we just picked some that are popular with our users. If you would like to see your language supported, please let us know!

Bulk Edit Tickets - 11 July 2023

Planning Poker bulk edit. The user is bulk editing the tickets in the room.
Creating, Editing, and Deleting a large amount of tickets can be a very time consuming. We wanted to create a way where users could do this for many tickets at once. With the new bulk edit modal, this is not possible. You can create new tickets, quickly edit existing tickets, and bulk delete all in one place. To open the bulk edit modal, click on the ticket menu button, next to the create round button. This will open the modal, where you can create new tickets, edit existing tickets, and bulk delete tickets.

Screen Sharing Mode - 30 June 2023

Planning Poker Screen Sharing Mode. The users vote is hidden and they can vote with their keyboard.
We know that sometimes scrum leaders are also voting, while sharing their screen of the game in a meeting. We wanted to make this experience better, without having to have multiple screens open. So we created a screen sharing mode. This mode hides your vote from being displayed, and allows you to vote from your keyboard. When this mode is enabled, each card will have a character underneath it, that you use to vote. To enable this mode, click on the user menu when you are in a game, and toggle on Screen sharing. Your votes are now hidden and you are ready to start voting with your keyboard!

Support for Smaller Screens - 30 June 2023

Planning Poker on a small screen. The table is one sided and the cards are smaller.
Teams get together to plan on all sorts of devices. We are always looking for ways to improve the experience as much as we can, for any screen size. With this update, we have added better support for smaller screens. This means various little updates, like making the table one sided at certain screen heights. This also makes for a better mobile experience, as users in small games should not need to scroll. The room is now completely dynamic and will change to fit your screen, while maintaining all of the functionality.

Ability to Create Teams - 12 June 2023

Planning Poker with teams. The results are displayed separately for each team.
We have added the ability to create Teams. You can now group your users into teams, and the results for each team will be displayed separately. Users that are in a team will now have a tag next to their name, to indicate what team they are in. This feature is really useful when voting on user stories, when multiple teams are involved. You can now all vote together, and see the results from each team separately.

Better Voting Statistics - 05 June 2023

Planning Poker voting statistics. The average, median, range, and mode are displayed.
We have added more voting statistics to the end of each round. When hovering over the donut at the end of a round, you will now see the rounds Average, Median, Range, and Mode. We have incorporated a comprehensive set of voting statistics to provide you with a holistic view of your team's estimations.

Detailed Tickets and Stories - 11 May 2023

Planning Poker with detailed tickets. The ticket has a description, ticket ID, and link.
We have added a markdown text editor to the ticket and story description. This allows you to add more detail to your tickets and stories. This is useful for adding acceptance criteria, or any other information that you want to share with your team. With these changes, you can now also add a ticket ID and Link to your tickets. This is useful if you are using an external ticketing system, such as Jira or Trello and you want your team to be able to quickly navigate to the ticket. When a round has been revealed, you can now find the results from that votes on the ticket. We now display cards at the bottom of the tickets, showing the vote history. When importing a CSV of tickets, there is now a toggle to convert Jira descriptions. Jira uses a system different to markdown, so this toggle will convert the Jira description to markdown, so you can keep all of your formatting.

Asynchronous Planning Poker - 9 May 2023

Planning Poker with asynchronous voting. Asynchronous planning poker. The user can navigate between tickets, vote, and leave comments.
We have added the ability to run asynchronous planning poker sessions. This allows you to create a room, add tickets and stories, and then share the room with your team. Your team can then join the room and vote on the tickets and stories. When the room is set to asynchronous, users will have the ability to navigate between all of the tickets, leaving their vote and a comment. The asynchronous setting can easily turned on and off from inside the room, so you can resume a normal game when everyone is done voting, or you can reveal the round to check everyones votes. Learn More

Password Protected Rooms - 5 May 2023

Planning Poker with a password. The user is asked to enter a password before entering the room.
You can now secure your room with a password. Password protected rooms require users to enter the password before being shown anything for the Planning Poker room. When joining, users will be presented with a pop up, asking them to enter the password before continuing. The user will only be asked to enter the password once. If they correctly answer the question it will be saved onto their session and they can now enter the room freely. When creating a link for a password protected room, you will be given the option to include the password. This will add the password to the link, and automatically enter it for the user.

Round Comments - 18 April 2023

Planning Poker with comments. The user is leaving a comment on the current ticket.
We have added the ability for a team to communicate within the app. Every round now has comments, so your team can discuss the ticket or story that is being voted on. Comments are only relevant to the current round, when the next round is started the comments section will be cleared. This is to ensure that the comments are relevant to the current ticket or story. To add a bit of fun, we have also added the ability to send GIFs in the comments. This is a great way to add a bit of fun to your planning poker sessions.