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Priority Poker on KollabePriority Poker on Kollabe

I've been an advocate for Planning Poker since its inception, but I believe it's time for agile teams to take prioritization to the next level. That's where Priority Poker comes in – a game-changing technique that shifts the focus from effort estimation to value-driven decision-making.

Why Priority Poker Matters

In today's fast-paced, ever-changing world, it's more crucial than ever for agile teams to focus on delivering maximum value. Priority Poker empowers teams to:

  • Align with business objectives 🎯 By prioritizing backlog items based on their value to the organization, teams can ensure they're always working on the most impactful tasks.

  • Foster collaboration and shared understanding 🤝 Priority Poker encourages open discussion and active participation from all team members, leading to a shared understanding of priorities and goals.

  • Reduce waste and minimize low-value work 🗑️ With a clear focus on high-priority items, teams can reduce time spent on tasks that don't contribute significantly to the overall project success.

  • Adapt to change and stay agile 🏃‍♂️ As priorities shift and new information emerges, Priority Poker allows teams to quickly reassess and adjust their focus, keeping them responsive and agile.

We believe that Priority Poker is the key to unlocking your team's potential and delivering value like never before.

How to Play Priority Poker

  1. Assemble the team 👥 Gather all relevant stakeholders, including the product owner, development team, and key business representatives. Ensure everyone understands the purpose and rules of the game.

  2. Introduce the items 📋 Present the backlog items or user stories to be prioritized, providing context and answering questions. Make sure all participants have a clear understanding of each item.

  3. Vote on priority 🗳️ Each participant selects a card representing their perceived priority for the item, using a scale like:

  • Low 🟢
  • Medium 🟡
  • High 🟠
  • Critical 🔴 The voting should be done simultaneously to avoid bias.
  1. Discuss and align 💬 After revealing the votes, the team discusses any discrepancies and shares their reasoning. Encourage open and respectful communication to understand different perspectives. The goal is to reach a consensus on the item's priority.

  2. Record and repeat 🔁 Once the priority is agreed upon, record it and move on to the next item. Continue until all items have been prioritized. Keep the momentum going and make sure to take breaks as needed.

Priority Poker votes revealed on KollabePriority Poker votes revealed on Kollabe

The Potential Impact of Priority Poker 🌍

When implemented effectively, Priority Poker has the potential to transform the way agile teams prioritize their work, leading to:

  • Increased focus on delivering value to customers
  • Improved team alignment and collaboration
  • Reduced waste and increased efficiency in the development process
  • Faster time-to-market for high-priority features

By adopting Priority Poker, agile teams can experience these benefits firsthand and continuously improve their prioritization process to better meet the needs of their stakeholders.

Tips for Successful Priority Poker Sessions 🎉

To make the most out of your Priority Poker sessions, consider the following tips:

  1. Involve the right people 🤝 Make sure all relevant stakeholders are present and engaged in the process. Their insights and perspectives are crucial for accurate prioritization.

  2. Create a safe and open environment 🌈 Encourage participants to share their thoughts and opinions freely without fear of judgment. Foster a culture of respect and collaboration.

  3. Keep the focus on value 💎 Throughout the session, remind participants to prioritize based on the value each item brings to the organization and its customers.

  4. Timeboxed sessions ⏰ Set a time limit for each Priority Poker session to maintain focus and prevent discussions from dragging on unnecessarily.

  5. Celebrate success 🎉 Recognize and celebrate the team's progress and achievements after each session. This helps maintain motivation and positive momentum.

Embrace the Power of Priority Poker 💪

Ready to supercharge your agile prioritization? Incorporate Priority Poker into your workflow and experience the benefits of value-driven decision-making.

By leveraging the power of Priority Poker, you can align your team, focus on what matters most, and deliver exceptional value to your customers. Give it a try and see the difference it can make in your agile journey.

Give Priority Poker a shot today using Kollabe's Planning Poker meeting! 🚀

Happy prioritizing!


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