Agile Retrospectives with Drawings: Being more Creativity

Team drawing together

Remember when we talked about spicing up your retrospectives with GIFs? Well, hold onto your seats because Kollabe just got even more exciting. We've added a new feature that's going to bring a whole lot of laughter to your retros: Drawings!

Why Incorporate Drawings into Your Retrospectives?

Let's face it, retrospectives can sometimes feel a bit... well, serious. But who says improving can't be fun? With Kollabe's new drawing feature, you can:

  • Doodle your way through discussions
  • Create hilariously bad stick figure representations
  • Play team-building drawing games
  • And most importantly, laugh together!

With Kollabe's new drawing feature, you can do all this and more. Plus, you can still add GIFs, images, videos, and stickers to your retro items, giving you a complete toolkit for expressive communication.

List of options available on retro itemsList of options available on retro items

Fun Ideas to Get Your Team Giggling

  1. 60-Second Sprint Summary: Give each team member 60 seconds to draw a summary of the sprint. Prepare for some truly "artistic" interpretations!

  2. Icebreaker Answers: Find a good icebreaker question and ask your team to draw their answer! You'll learn a lot about your teammates' creativity (and sense of humor).

  3. Draw Your Teammate: Have everyone draw a portrait of another team member. Warning: Artistic talent not required (in fact, the less talent, the more laughs)!

  4. The Blob Game: Draw a random blob and challenge your team to turn it into something sprint-related. You'll be amazed at their creativity (and amused by the results).

  5. Sprint Spirit Animal: Ask everyone to draw the animal they think best represents the sprint. Was it as smooth as a sloth or as chaotic as a squirrel on coffee?

  6. Pictionary: Agile Edition: Create a list of Agile terms and play a quick round of Pictionary. Try drawing "Sprint Backlog" without using words or numbers!

  7. Meme Creator: Encourage team members to draw their own memes about the sprint. Get ready for some top-tier, homemade humor!

Team drawing their super powersTeam drawing their super powers

But Wait, There's More!

Remember, Kollabe isn't just about drawings. You can still spice things up with:

  • GIFs: For when you need that perfect looping reaction
  • Images: Because sometimes you need a real picture (not your drawing) to make a point
  • Videos: Capture those "you had to be there" moments
  • Stickers: Add some flair to your retro board

Why Adding Fun to Retrospectives Matters

Now, you might be thinking, "This sounds great, but is it really productive?" Absolutely! Here's why:

  1. Boosts Morale: Laughter is the best medicine, especially for a team that's been working hard.
  2. Encourages Participation: People are more likely to speak up when the atmosphere is relaxed and fun.
  3. Builds Team Bonding: Shared laughter creates shared memories and stronger team connections.
  4. Reduces Stress: A bit of playfulness can help defuse tension and make it easier to discuss challenges.
  5. Sparks Creativity: Sometimes, a silly drawing can lead to a brilliant idea!

GIF of team drawingGIF of team drawing

Ready to Bring Some Artistic Chaos to Your Retros?

It's time to put down those boring sticky notes and pick up your digital crayon! With Kollabe's new drawing feature, your retrospectives will never be the same. Who knows? You might uncover some hidden artistic talents in your team (or at least have a good laugh trying).

So what are you waiting for? Grab your team, fire up Kollabe, and start doodling your way to more fun, engaging, and memorable retrospectives.

Try Kollabe for Free

Remember, in the world of Agile, it's not about being the best artist. It's about having the most fun while continuously improving. So go ahead, embrace your inner child, and start scribbling your way to Agile excellence!

If you need some other creative retrospective ideas, check out our post on creative agile retrospective ideas.

Happy drawing, and may your retrospectives be filled with laughter, creativity, and maybe a few lovably bad stick figures! 🎨😂


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