Asynchronous Planning Poker

How does it work?

When you enable asynchronous mode on a planning poker room, users will be able to vote on their own time. This is useful for teams that are distributed across different time zones, or for teams that want to avoid scheduling conflicts. Users will be able to navigate to and vote on every round ahead of time. They can also leave comments on each round, to increase communication and collaboration. Once your team has finished voting, you can change the mode back and reveal the cards together, just like in a normal planning poker session.
a gif showing an asynchronous planning poker room in action

Benefits Asynchronous Planning Poker

Improved Flexibility

One of the key benefits of using Asynchronous Planning Poker is its flexibility. With traditional synchronous Planning Poker, team members need to coordinate their schedules and find a time that works for everyone to participate in the estimation process. This can be challenging when team members are in different time zones or have conflicting schedules. Asynchronous Planning Poker eliminates this issue by allowing team members to participate in the estimation process at a time that suits them best. This flexibility can save valuable time and reduce stress for team members, ultimately leading to a more productive and effective estimation process.

Reduced Meeting Time

Asynchronous Planning Poker can also save time by eliminating the need for a synchronous meeting. Traditional Planning Poker often involves a lengthy meeting where team members discuss and debate their estimates until a consensus is reached. This can take several hours, which can be a drain on team members' time and energy. In contrast, Asynchronous Planning Poker allows team members to submit their estimates within a shorter time frame without the need for a meeting. This can help the team move on to the next task more quickly, which is particularly important when working on time-sensitive projects or when team members have competing demands on their time.

Increased Focus

Asynchronous Planning Poker can help team members focus more on the estimation process and contribute more thoughtful and accurate estimates. In synchronous meetings, team members may be distracted by other conversations or interruptions, which can lead to rushed or incomplete estimates. With Asynchronous Planning Poker, team members can submit their estimates independently and without distractions. This can help them focus more on the estimation process and take the time to consider different factors that may impact the estimate. By eliminating distractions and interruptions, team members can give more thoughtful estimates that ultimately lead to more accurate project planning.

More Thoughtful Estimates

Asynchronous Planning Poker can lead to more thoughtful estimates. With more time to consider their estimates and less pressure to provide an immediate response, team members may be able to give more thoughtful estimates in Asynchronous Planning Poker. This can be particularly beneficial when estimating complex tasks or projects that require careful consideration of multiple factors. In traditional synchronous Planning Poker, team members may feel pressured to provide an immediate estimate, which can lead to rushed or inaccurate estimates. Asynchronous Planning Poker can allow team members to take the time they need to consider their estimates, leading to more thoughtful and accurate estimates and ultimately better project planning.