Manage your teams

When you enable Teams, you will have the ability to group your users into teams. Tags will be added to each user, to indicate which team they belong to. At the end of each round, each teams votes will be grouped together, making it easier to see each teams votes. You can also use the Teams feature to group your users into different roles. For example, you could have a team for developers, a team for testers, and a team for project managers. This can help you to identify which team members are responsible for each task.
a gif showing an asynchronous planning poker room in action

How can you use Teams?

Voting on User Stories

When voting on user stories, you might have multiple teams involved. Sometimes it is important to be able to view each teams votes. The Teams feature allows you to have everyone vote in one room and then view each teams votes, separately. In other planning poker apps, you might have to create a separate room for each team. This can be time consuming and confusing. With the Teams feature, you can have everyone vote in one room and then view each teams votes, separately.

How does it work?

After creating a room, simply enable the teams setting inside of the room menu. Then you will have the ability to create teams. When creating a room, you can give it a name and select the users that are a part of that team. Once teams are enabled, you can also add users to teams on the user list. Users can also add themselves to teams that you have created. This can be useful if you have a large number of users and you don't want to manually add them to teams. You can also remove users from teams, if you need to. You can distinguish what team a user is in, by the tag that is displayed next to their name.